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Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to have it all? How everything they desire effortlessly flows to them? Well, now you can have that too. Tapping into the Law of Attraction and Manifesting, this guide and workbook will teach you tried and tested methods that work. As you begin to get really clear, and practice the methods inside, you'll soon see that you too can have it all. That you too can lead a positive life and attract your desires, almost like magic. Warning: This book will leave you happier, more energetic, and clear on what you want from life.

Six months into their new life, Anna and Claire are thriving, till one phone call changes everything they thought they knew.

They are forced to revisit the past when Anna’s father returns after almost a decade, bringing along more than they could ever have imagined.

Anna finds herself with a job to do before they can leave, but with the Docherty’s looking for revenge, DI Jackson looking for answers, and Claire having her hands tied elsewhere, she has to dig deep to find what’s really important to her.

With the past catching up, old enemies closing in, and a minefield of new problems to solve, Anna and Claire are forced to make decisions that will change their lives forever

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Delve into the essence of you, exploring the tapestry of life, your life, and how to weave the threads into your own design, thus awakening your inner Wild Woman.


A practical guide for women, taking you through the cycles of the seasons, the moon, your body, connecting with the divine within.

Remembering the old ways and how they can benefit you today to reclaim your true sovereign, sacred, cyclic, wild


Heart Medicine is about the power of turning trauma into healing, conflict into growth and fear into love. No longer being victim to the suffering but working out the lessons needing to be learned, to be able to break old habits and patterns.

Tending to the wounds which became torn open.
The ebb and flow of emotions, welcoming them at the door and allowing them all in.

A mix of writing from the heart and poems as a form of expressing the journey of heartbreak, motherhood and becoming a single parent. Leaning into the pain and transition, letting go and moving on.

Bare, raw and unpolished

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From early memories and adolescent trauma to addiction and heartbreak, Lisa transmutes these experiences into healing words that we can all relate to.


Natalie Vance

Inktober fans - a place to keep your ideas and plans together with your drawings for each day of the international drawing challenge in October.

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“Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.”

Mary Shelly


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