Author & Founder

Aphra Wilson is a mother of three, a tattoo artist by day and a writer in the middle of the night.

She lives in Scotland with her husband and children, and enjoys reading and writing women's fiction. Her work is influenced by her passion for strong female characters, finding strength in adversity and finding comedy in hard situations.

Her mission here at White Fern, is to help women find their passion, live creatively and get their work out into the world by removing the gatekeepers of publishing.

Her novels are available here.



Six months into their new life, Anna and Claire are thriving, till one phone call changes everything they thought they knew.

They are forced to revisit the past when Anna’s father returns after almost a decade, bringing along more than they could ever have imagined.

Anna finds herself with a job to do before they can leave, but with the Docherty’s looking for revenge, DI Jackson looking for answers, and Claire having her hands tied elsewhere, she has to dig deep to find what’s really important to her.

With the past catching up, old enemies closing in, and a minefield of new problems to solve, Anna and Claire are forced to make decisions that will change their lives forever.