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Words for women

Mother, Ceremonial Priestess and Writer.


Find her gathering the women, sharing the wisdoms and celebrating our stories around the hearth fire. Inspired by and connected to the land, the seasons and the Celtic traditions, Lissa weaves the threads of the Old Ways into the tapestry of the New Age.

She encourages women to recognise, reclaim and rejoice in their rites of passage, connection to the earth and to the ancestors.


Wild Sister Rising

Awaken Your Wild You is available to pre-order on Kindle here.

Awaken Your Wild You


Delve into the essence of you, exploring the tapestry of life, your life, and how to weave the threads into your own design, thus awakening your inner Wild Woman.


A practical guide for women, taking you through the cycles of the seasons, the moon, your body, connecting with the divine within.

Remembering the old ways and how they can benefit you today to reclaim your true sovereign, sacred, cyclic, wild.

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