Transformation & Empowerment

Louise has worked with women one to one for 15+ years in Social Work, as an agent assisting deep and transformational change, often in very difficult circumstances.  She has a passion to empower and inspire women to make changes in their lives and firmly believes that everyone has the capacity to make changes, they might just need a little help to do so.
She has undergone her own transformation and it is through this, brings a wealth of experience, insight and knowledge. She works very intuitively, whilst raising your inner awareness, which is where the deep transformation happens.
Changing your mindset, will change your life. Implementing new strategies will assist in these profound changes and allow you to change behaviour at it’s core, bringing you success and confidence.

Connect, Manifest Attract


Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to have it all? How everything they desire effortlessly flows to them? Well, now you can have that too.


Tapping into the Law of Attraction and Manifesting, this guide will teach you tried and tested methods that work.


As you begin to get really clear, and practice the methods inside, you'll soon see that you too can have it all.

You too can lead a positive life and attract your desires, almost like magic.


Warning: This book will leave you happier, more energetic, and clear on what you want from life.

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