Poetry & Creativity

Roxanne Simpson is a single Mother to one.
She has lived in Scotland for 8 years. Born in England.
Her background is in fashion/textile design. She has always had a creative interest, but after losing the joy in it after University in Bristol, she decided to explore other avenues. Some soul searching led her to discover a love for growing and supporting the organic vegetable movement, and led further to sparking an interest in organic baking. She followed the dream of combining the two, and searched for some land to make it happen.
After moving away from farm life and discovering she had become sensitive to eating gluten, she fell into soap making.
She has always felt restless for something more.
Roxanne began writing when she became a new mum. Writing became her solace, and a way to express herself while navigating the lonely world of motherhood.
After a year of working through heartbreak, a new project was born. She decided she wanted it to reflect her beautiful energy, to share and inspire others to do the same.
So that is how Sparkle+Shine came into the world.

Her first book, Heart Medicine is available to pre-order now on Kindle here. The paperback will be released on the 26th of March 2021.

Heart Medicine


Heart Medicine - The power of turning trauma into healing, conflict into growth and fear into love. No longer being victim to the suffering but working out the lessons needing to be learned, to be able to break old habits and patterns.

Tending to the wounds which became torn open. Feeling the ebb and flow of emotions, welcoming them at the door and allowing them all in.

A mix of writing from the heart and poems as a form of expressing the journey of heartbreak, motherhood and becoming a single parent. Leaning into the pain and transition, letting go and moving on.

Bare, raw and unpolished.

Copy of Copy of Black and White Woman Go